Well if Elon is sending folks to Mars...

Then we can send Canna-curious and frequent users to Washington DC to participate in legal cannabis culture.

That was the thought.

And it worked!

This past weekend, JenniCannAdventures hosted it's first Cannabis and Wellness Retreat in Washington DC.

The most awesome group of people checked into our rental house and were treated to welcome gift bags, custom cannabis activities, Yoga and meditation, learning sessions and the highlight of it all, A catered pan-Asian menu dinner party, infused with so much health and love and as an option, cannabis. 

Now that it's done, These are the things that are giving me the feels;

  • Our guests really truly enjoyed themselves, so honestly everything else on this list, is a bonus...
  • Local, small batch craft cannabis folks were able to share their art with a broader audience
  • Those local folks are some of the most awesome and authentic people I've ever been lucky enough to work with.
  • Washington, DC, my second home, enjoyed a bit of tourism that was so special and unique and WITH A FEW OF ITS FAMOUS CHERRY BLOSSOMS OUT IN TIME FOR IT TOO!

There's so much to tell you about the small batch craft people, I think each one probably deserves it's own post.  Stay tuned!



Jenni Salomon