For the Canna-curious...

I had a really good meeting with a manufacturer the other day.  We were discussing dosage of a really great infused beverage.   So we spoke about what different customers prefer when dosing and how to educate them about it.  Trust me when I say that frequent users have a higher tolerance. The word "micro-dosing" is only recently becoming common. 

There are thousands of folks out there who smoke infrequently, or haven't in a long time.  For them, it may seem like a brave new cannaworld out there because it is!

I remember my first trip to Cannabis City in Seattle, Washington.  Legitimate legal marijuana had packaging and labeling and info that was alien to me.  I'd only ever dealt in illegal transfers of marijuana and here I was giddy with joy at NOT BEING A CRIMINAL, and I had no idea what Opal OG Kush was and I almost didn't care.  (Except to note my first legal US recreational marijuana purchase!).

I speak to a lot of people who seem to be concerned with appearing uninformed about cannabis and cannabis culture.  To them I'd point out a number of things.

  1. You shouldn't be concerned with how you appear.  Cannabis users are generally a pretty mellow and accepting bunch!
  2. No one expects you to know anything.  That's why there are budtenders!
  3. Start small!  You can always smoke/vape/eat more but you'll be a bit sad if you eat that entire cookie and just fall asleep.  This advice applies to frequent users too!  
  4. A huge benefit to legal recreational marijuana is that the stigma, long attached to cannabis users, is beginning to fade.  We totally understand discretion and respect it but believe us when we tell you speaking openly and honestly and responsibly about cannabis helps to normalize it!
  5. Ask questions! 
  6. Patronize small batch craft cannabis products.  This industry is growing and it very well may change how business is done. #CommunityOverCompetition
  7. Rely on professionals like budtenders to help you choose the best strain for you and JenniCannAdventures to help you plan your next legal marijuana adventure! Connect with us now for more info!


Jenni Salomon