It would be impossible to keep being excited about all the amazing things happening at JenniCannAdvetures (We were mentioned on the radio last night!!! I'll put the link at the bottom!) without being able to look at all of this and stay humble.  

I'm so fortunate to have connected with some of the most incredible people in the cannabis industry.  It's beautiful to see the collaboration that exists when people realize that business can be authentic and positive.   It almost seems as if the challenges of erasing stigma, rectifying past wrongs and creating a sustainable future centered around a renewable resource (that has health benefits and less potential for harm than most other things out there) has required the absolute best of the people working so hard to get this right.

There are a bunch of different ways to get this right and I'm at a crossroads of that nature right now.  All I know for certain is that by cultivating the greatest team I can, we can all reflect the best of each other and give our absolute.  I'm so excited to meet our clients and help them have one of the greatest adventures of their lives.  My team is feeling the same way too.  That's how I know they're the best team.

Jenni Salomon