Travel is an investment in yourself

You cannot measure the experiences and transformations that travel can provide in financial terms so  to use the word investment, we'd clarify that we're talking about the "endowment of a quality" kind of definition for it.

Retreats are an "emerging trend" for travelers but as any of us yogis or new age folks will tell you, we've been the early adopters for a while.  Someday I'll regale you with my Omega Institute stories...

The reason it works is because we have been so interconnected by technology, that our vacations have tended to become merely a destination for a great Instagram shot.  Do not stop posting your beautiful photos because we said this.  We are only trying to say, what do you take with you from a trip when its done, besides social media likes for your vacation highlight reel?

Perhaps embarking on a retreat may be a bit outside of your comfort zone.   Sharing bathroom facilities with a few strangers is the opposite of your family vacation to Disney, we're sure.  (Full disclosure, any vacations to Disney are awesome, we're kind of obsessed with Epcot and the fact that they've banned single use plastic straws at Animal Kingdom makes us happy)  Instead, an opportunity to really connect with authenticity exists in a retreat setting.   Like minded folks with a fondness or curiosity for cannabis and its wellness attributes can gather together for a journey that lasts long after they've returned home.   Many people relate feeling inspiration or more health, happiness, compassion and understanding after returning home from an immersive travel experience. 

Do you hear your own call to adventure?  We can't wait for you to join us on one of ours!


Jenni Salomon