Remember summer camp???

I went to camp growing up.  Day camp, religious camp, girl scout camp...  I cannot remember where I left my keys yesterday but I remember sneaking across the camp with my bunkmates to the boys bunks just to be repulsed by the smell...

I still keep in touch with some of my most favorite camp friends to this day.

Come to think of it, summer camp was maybe my first transformative travel experience.  I never looked at it that way before right now, when I was typing my random cannapreneur thoughts.

Vacations are awesome.  When you travel with a group though, there's a really special opportunity to connect with people you might never otherwise get to meet.  You get to share an amazing travel experience with them too, and all the social media that is such a mixed blessing, well, it's a straight up good blessing in enabling me to keep in touch with some of those beautiful people. 

Knowing how to say thank you in 14 different languages seems mildly pretentious at social gatherings near home (unless your home is an embassy!?!?) but it's a really cool skill to have when you're on the move with other travelers.

We'll be feeling all the feels in July, right before that other stoner holiday...

Mark your calendars for CAMP CANNABIS!!!

July 6th - July 9th !!!!

We're glamping in the Great North Woods of Maine!  Fly into the Northern Maine Regional Airport or road trip with your friends...

For 4 days and 3 nights, you'll camp out in a tent on an air mattress at our gorgeous waterfront property.  We'll make s'mores with infused chocolates, paddle around and enjoy all the greenery, eat infused camp food, do yoga and stoner arts and crafts and...  A CAMP TALENT SHOW!!!!   And better than a latrine, we actually have limited bathroom facilities.  So bring your guitar and your appetite and revisit, or perhaps for the first time experience, your own amazing adult summer camp adventure!!!


Jenni Salomon