Building an industry; Nobody holds bootleggers up as heros

During prohibition, many wineries survived by providing sacramental wine, which was exempt from prohibition.   

Excepting the trendy "speakeasy" vibe that surrounds places like Williamsburg, your mental picture of those involved in illegal prohibition era booze is not likely a positive one.   

Were these folks brave, absolutely.   Did they contribute to the alcohol industry, yes.   However, it is the wineries, that managed the transition with purpose and grace that survived.   

It is entirely possible that an urban flavored pop up might be a trendy throwback someday but all of these folks who have been able to exist in the industry through secrecy and perceived shady-ness, they will evolve.  Consumers will evolve and the market will evolve and if we are unable to do that, that is when all of these big unethical folks will come in and dominate the industry.  Authenticy is required!

I'm enjoying connecting with so many like minded people in the cannabis community through the path to full legalization.   The best ones are the most forward thinkers and I applaud them. I'm so excited for the future of this industry and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Jenni Salomon