The other things I get to do

I was recently tasked with advocating for and assisting patients with medical cannabis.

One of these patients came my way via her family member via one of my family members. Neither of these family members participate in cannabis culture, nor do they publicly support it.

However, the patient’s family member recognized the pain and other conditions her loved one was experiencing and cast a wide net looking for help and guidance. My family member immediately thought to connect us.

Retreats might fill up with folks who just don’t pay in time, and it might be an everyday endeavor to NOT get caught up with the shady folks in the industry. But helping people, and being of real service, that makes everything worth it.

I also got to recently officiate a wedding! This was my second and as a side note, the first couple I officiated for JUST welcomed a baby!

Travel is one of my favorite things, but purpose is another. I am so grateful to have purpose and bring light and assistance to people.

Jenni Salomon