What makes a retreat special?

This may get a little confusing, so follow along closely.  I'm going to use Disney to explain what makes a cannabis retreat so vastly different than a cannabis event.

Imagine going to the Disney Store.   That Rajah Bag, its fricking awesome, who wouldn't want it???  

The Disney Store is like your pop ups or dispensaries.   They have awesome stuff that you buy and take away with you. 

Imagine going to see a Disney movie.  

Going to the movies to see a Disney film, it's like your puff and paint sessions.   There is something to do with your friends while you indulge your love for Disney for a 86 minutes.

Now imagine seeing Lion King on Broadway.  What a show!  And those fricking costumes!!!

Going to see Lion King on Broadway is like your infused dinner experiences.

Now imagine getting up to go on a plane.  You fly to Orlando, to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH.  You stay in one of the awesome Beach Club Villas, you have breakfast with a princess, You can check out Epcot one day (where you eat and/or drink in all the countries, Magic Kingdom the next for the rides and the fireworks, the next day take a spa day while your traveling companion plays a round of golf, and finish with a Blizzard Beach or the Animal Kingdom before you go home.  You buy all the souvenirs because you should obviously pick up that rajah bag while you're here.  You say goodbye to your favorite mouse and princess and get on a plane bound for home.  

That Disney Culturally immersive travel experience is like our cannabis wellness retreat. I mean, in the same sense that you are surrounded by a culture different than you are used to at home.   We have great accomodations with the nicest people.   Who needs to visit Ariel in her grotto when we have Mikaela in Alaska to lead our wilderness walk???  There is no arguing over where in Epcot to get lunch, our private chef, armed with guest preference sheets will serve us fresh and amazing foods. And when it's over, and you head home, you get to take with you a sense of wellness and peace.  Instead of a sunburn and some t-shirt you will wear once or twice...

Have I explained it well or are you even more confused now?? 



Jenni Salomon