Why should you go on a cannabis retreat?

It's a really cool weekend, right before the July 4th Holiday.  We have the great fortune of participating in the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC and we'll be there through Monday.

We're located with SteamDC, a DC-centric incubator program that's just amazing.  Go check them out.  They have us in an area designated for innovation and that's pretty awesome.  I get to talk about including innovative cannabis cuisine, thanks to the private chef services of Golden Pineapple DC.  

So show participants have been curious.   Aisles upon aisles of imported olives are cool and all but I've definitely got a unique product.   

They ask about our trips and I'm able to tell them about the cannabis culture immersion nature of it.   Some of these folks haven't traveled much for pleasure.   They've been super busy with work.  But they relax at our booth.  There's a chill vibe and I get to express that that feeling, of inclusion and acceptance and open minds is just a tiny sample of how an entire 5 days can be.  

Cannabis infused massage and an infused dinner party are absolute highlights of these trips.

Participating in group activities will deepen a sense of human connection.  Free time allows participants to explore the awesome location.

Upon returning home, travelers will bring fond memories and new wellness experiences with them.