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JenniCannAdventures produces cannabis-centric retreats and events.  JenniCannAdventures also offers tourism planning to small groups and private, concierge style services that are 420-friendly.  



"My {Washington DC} weekend retreat with JenniCannAdventures went above and beyond my expectations! Jenni was an amazing host and went out of her way to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. She even had extra toiletries available for the forgetful minded folks (like myself). The accommodations were wonderful, and the on-site tea ceremony and yoga was convenient and just what I needed to relax before the dinner party. Every activity Jenni planned was entertaining and engaging - bingo, educational talk, dab bar, movement. There was also the perfect amount of downtime to relax between activities as well. I learned so much about Cannabis culture and loved it all! 

I had an amazing time with Jenni, her local partners, and the like minded folks in the retreat and I can’t wait until the next one. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone planning their next getaway and wants to have a legal cannabis experience!"  

-Molly, New York

"Jenni is simply the best. She helped me plan a bachelorette party for my best friend. She found such an amazing place to stay and hand picked the decorations that really fit the vision we had in mind. We are talking small details here folks, from the meals, activities, even to the party games. Jenni rocks and always is my go to whenever I have to plan vacations or bachelorette trips!!"
-Christina, New York

"I had been to [Washington} D.C. plenty of times before this retreat but this was something special. It was a fun, unique way to see the city and its culture. Highly recommended for anybody!!"
-Andrew, New York

"Every trip and detail that the people from Cannadventures have planned for me has been perfect.  They really get to know you and plan according to your preferences for a perfect trip.  Jenni always knows the best places to stay and eat and things to do.
We appreciated all of the extra special touches (including a champagne brunch gift basket!) that we would not have gotten if we had tried to plan this trip ourselves. She's a travel planning goddess and a wonderful human being!"
-Melissa, New York

"Jenni hooked me up with an awesome trip full of new and exciting adventures. The trip was planned perfectly from start to finish and allowed me to view a city that I had already visited in a new light. I didn't feel like a tourist but as if I was a resident for a weekend. Jenni was able to show us a fun time while staying within our low budget. The trip far exceeded my expectations."
-Lauren, New York


"Working with Jenni was a wonderful experience. Not only did she plan my tropical vacation without a hitch, she was able to deliver me a relaxing uplifting vacation unlike any other i have experienced. I have also utilized her services locally, and have nothing but praise for  a wonderful experience. I recommend her to all my friends!"
-Eileen, New York

"The Princess of Pot!"
-Christopher, New York

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How Does It Work?


In the brave new world of legal recreational cannabis, one could easily get confused!

Many locations have complicated laws.  Legislation can specify where one may consume, receive and otherwise participate in cannabis culture.  In locations where cannabis use remains illegal, people are planning trips to legal locations in order to participate in cannabis culture without worrying about legal ramifications.

 For example, let’s examine Washington D.C.’s rules...Washington DC’s initiative 71 allows for any adult 21 years of age or over to possess less than 2 ounces of marijuana. You cannot purchase it.  Any and all transfers must be “free of remuneration. You may receive, as a gift, small amounts of cannabis (initiative 71). 

We could also consider the state of Alaska's prohibition of public consumption.  This creates multiple challenges for tourists hoping to participate in Alaskan cannabis culture.  

Through our travel services and network of tour providers, lodging partners, local manufacturers and growers, we can alleviate the hassle of navigating all the nuances of local legal marijuana laws while on vacation.


We can save you time and money and travel related stress the following ways..

  • We partner with established tour operators to resell 5-star cannabis friendly experiences.
  • We partner with small cannabis tour operators and event promoters who license our brand in order to grow their business.
  • We directly produce custom travel and tourism experiences for all those with a wanderlust and a penchant for pot!

For the cannabis novices, the daily users and everyone in between, we are sure to find you a travel experience you'll be grateful for.  Connect with us today to help plan your next adventure!


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We love travel!  We love adventures and fun and cannabis!  We love helping people connect with opportunities for all of these!  A combined 30 years of travel planning and cannabis tourism will help you arrange for an experience of the HIGHest caliber!

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